Where did all the berries go?

A few days ago,the branches of our Rowan tree were laden down with berries and as they slowly ripened to a deep red, the bush looked glorious. This morning, we looked out of the window to find that there was not a single berry left on the bush. Neither my wife, nor I, had ever seen a bush stripped so efficiently in such a short time before. Add to that the only bird we have noticed in the bush has been a robin. I hardly think the robin has eaten them all, or it would be the size of an ostrich and like one, unable to fly!

I’m interested to find out which birds are responsible. None of the other trees round about seem to have suffered the same fate.   We do feed the birds, but mainly the small tits and of course the robin and an occasional blackbird. Of course, like many urban gardens, we do have ringed doves from time to time, but we haven’t seen them on the Rowan at all.

Can anyone shed any light on the mystery?

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