When holidays don’t set you up for the winter!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  The above title may give you a clue, but if not let me explain.  It wasn’t the weather that was a problem.  For the two weeks we were in Menorca, the weather was superb.  Except for the middle Sunday that is.  We were trapped for almost three hours by a violent thunderstorm, torrential rain,  You know the sort, it is so heavy you start thinking about building an ark!

However, fortunately we were trapped in a lovely restaurant, with good food and lot’s of booze, so hey ho it could have been a lot worse.  In fact, although I got bitten on the face by some mosquitoes, the trouble didn’t start until a few days after we returned to UK.  On that morning I woke to the sound of my wife saying what have you done to your face?  I had a series of very large itchy lumps where each of the bites had been and one near my right eye that had almost closed it.

Happily, I can report that I am recovered now, but it took a weeks course of anti-histamines and another of antibiotics to sort it out.  The real surprise was that I had any trouble at all.  We were at the same villa last year and I didn’t get a single bite.   Has anyone had a similar experience?

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