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As you may have noticed on the landing page, The Glass Dagger is now available as an e Book on Amazon Kindle HERE. I have priced it competitively at around £4.00, subject to fluctuations in the US dollar.  The other two books in the Glassmaker series, The Crystal Ship and Blood-Red Goblet,will be available, all things being equal, early in July.

Having listened to many sources about the rise and rise of the e Book readers, I am convinced that for the small publisher or self-publishing author, this is the only way they can compete with the big battalions on a reasonably level battlefield.  The caveat to that, is of course, that the standard of the e Book and the writing should be comparable.  Unfortunately, that is on far too many occasions, not the situation.  Having said that, there are many books that have been self-published that are equal in standard, or better than, books that have been published in the mainstream.  As for my own books, I am happy to let my readers decide which category they inhabit.

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