The Glassmaker Series

The Glass Dagger cover

Book One – The Glass Dagger, Published August 2007; Reprinted November 2007.


When Giam Bellini, rising star of Murano glassmaking falls in love with Lady Maria Morisini, it lights the fuse of an explosive tale of betrayal and intigue. This encompasses the corrupt sixteenth century world of Venatian politics and the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

A fugitive from Venetian law, after being falsely accused of treason, Giam changes his name to Jacob Bell and becomes the Master of the Crouched Fiars Glas-works in London. His partner hopes he will become Glassmaker to the Queen in competition with the Glass-Sellers Association. Sir Richard Urie the leader oif the Glass-Sellers has Jacob’s partner assassinated and he vows revenge.

Recruited by Sir William Cecil, Principal Secretary to the Queen, Jacob uncovers the Maldini Plot that aims to assassinate Queen Elizabeth and put Mary Stuart on the throne. A desperate race begins to thwart the Maldini plotters. Jacob strives to rescue Maria from the clutches of his archrival and betrayer Adrian Ragazoni, the Venatian Envoy and Sir Richard Urie, allies of Maldini.

Book Two – The Crystal Ship, Scheduled for publishing September 2007, by Petan Publishing ( see Blogroll)

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