The Glass Dagger: update

As I promised, here is the latest news on my submission to Literary Intelligence.  The critique was carried out by Martyn Bedford, award winning author of The Houdini Girl, among others.  He has been a teaching fellow in creative writing at the University of Leeds since January 2008.  I must admit that I had very mixed feelings when I received the critique and I took a very deep breath before reading it.  Having read it in detail, I am delighted with Martyn’s comments and helpful criticisms.

Like many historical writers, it is always difficult to know when to stop giving the reader information.  I did an enormous amount of research for the series, since I plan to write four books.  Fortunately, Martyn feels I stay on the right side of the line, mostly.  He did outline some cases of what he calls info. dumping.  There were other points raised, but overall I was very buoyed by Martyn’s comments.  I have made the necessary corrections to the manuscript and have begun the arduous task of finding an agent.

In his conclusion Martyn wrote that  the novel has “a fascinating , original historical content  and that the insight into the world of glassmaking is interesting.  Likewise the backdrop of the story’s setting-Venice and London-and the times will all be a key part in its appeal to readers  and therefore, to agents and publishers.”

I have to say that from the first return from an agent it hasn’t proved to be so, but it’s early days yet.  Nil desperandum.  Watch this space for further updates.

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