The Glass Dagger – Revised 3rd edition

To compliment the new second adventure, I have produced a revised version of The Glass Dagger.  There were a number of reasons for this.  Firstly, as a result of events in the second book, it was necessary to make some changes.  I have previously mentioned that the book had been critiqued by Martyn Bedford.  As a result of his suggestions, I made a number of changes that involved major changes to several chapters.  Because of this, it was necessary to bring the book out under a new ISBN number.  For technical reasons I have also increased the size of both books.

I hope that readers will find them easier to read as a result. One important benefit from this is that the books have now been approved by Waterstones and I hope that readers will go along and buy from them.

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  1. Well The Glass Dagger – Revised 3rd edition « PETER COOKE – Author and Publisher was interesting. Not exactly what I was expecting to find when searching for technical author uk but worth a few minutes of my time anyway. You’ve clearly been busy lately!


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