The Glass Dagger: latest news

One of the things an author values above all, at least this one anyway, is feedback. I have been very flattered by some of the enthusiastic responses I have received. I’m delighted that most people seem to like the book and I am regularly getting queries asking when book two will be available. See January post The Crystal Ship.

From several questions that have been asked, it appears that the prologue in some respects fails to provide sufficient information as to why my hero, Giam, is so widely hated by the ruling families in Venice. One reviewer also said the prologue is rather B-movie. Personally I rather like B-movies, well some of them anyway. However, I did take the point about setting the scene seriously and have written a new prologue. I have also decided to sent this and an extract of the book to a literary consultancy. I hope to have their reply in about eight weeks. I will keep you posted as to what happens.

The book is still selling steadily, albeit in the restricted area of West Yorkshire. I am hoping that if I can get an agent and a pubisher, the book will be available to a wider audience.

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