The Crystal Ship

Phew, at long last the second adventure of the Glassmaker Series is in print.  The Crystal Ship was launched on 15th September and sales are going quite briskly.   Many of the people who bought The Glass Dagger have fortunately liked wthe book and have been pestering for the second.

The format is similar except in one aspect.  While Jacob Bell at al are still thill involved, the plot against the Queen, the Ridolfi plot, was an actual historic event.  I have kept as closely as possible to the real events that took place in 1572, but have woven my fictional hero into them.  To avoid confusion, i have listed the real hyistorical characters.  All other characters are products of my imagination, as are the scenes between them and the real persons.  It certainly proved to be more complicated, but hopefully my readers will feel the effort was worthwhile.

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