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One of Yorkshire’s greatest mansions, Burton Agnes Hall, has enlisted Yorkshire romance and historical fiction author, Peter Cooke, to put the life back into history during a sizzling summer of stately events.

Burton Agnes Hall in Driffield is an Elizabethan marvel. Now home to the Cunliffe-Lister family they are extending their hospitality, history and stately delights to the public as this lived in home opens its doors and shares the family’s passion for English heritage.

From baked swan to desirable black teeth and fashion decreed by law, Peter will share Elizabethan life with the public through a series of talks around the life and times of a stately home in the Elizabethan period.

Much like his published books, Peter will illustrate how much of a soap opera the era was. From death plots to new world discoveries, extravagance and abject poverty, it’s hard to believe an era like this could have existed.

As an amateur historian, Peter is well versed on the dramas of the time. His knowledge is from years of research into Elizabethan times used to write his ‘Glassmaker’ series of books. The books are based on an entrepreneurial Murano glassmaker who becomes involved in the plots against Queen Elizabeth . Much like his talks, they present the thrilling side of the time, to create understanding and interest, whilst striving to maintain historical accuracy.

The public will have the opportunity to learn more about the life and

times of an Elizabethan, in the DiningRoom at Burton Agnes on

Wed 7th July,11th August and 1st Sept at 2pm during Peter’s

scheduled 30 minute talks.

Peter Cooke says “Working with Burton Agnes Hall is a real privilege. It’s set to be a great run of events during the summer and using that to make history interesting is such a good way to preserve our heritage and culture.”

Blood-red passion, plots and intrigue is the sum of the latest book, Blood-Red Goblet, to be released shortly from author Peter Cooke, creator of the fast-paced Glassmaker series. The first of a quartet of romantic adventure stories in The Glassmaker Series, The Glass Dagger, was published in 2006, by Petan Publishing ( second & third editions followed in 2007 and 2008. The Crystal Ship, first edition in November 2008 and Blood-Red Goblet will be launched in September 2010. The final book, A Shattered Crystal, will be published in 2011.


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