“Oh no! Not you again!”

We are pleased to announce that Yvonne Crabtree’s new book “Oh no! not you again!” will be available in early November.  The book is the second part of the inspiring story of Yvonne’s Life with Pete Series and has been attracting a great deal of attention from the press and media.  |To date There has been a full pae artricle in the Lie & Style supplement of the Yorkshire Post, an interview with BBC Radio Leeds and The Pulse. Interviews have taken place with several magazines, including Writers Forum, First Edition, Take a Break, Choice and Easy Living. Here is the gist of the story
Shush! You can’t admit that! Well Yvonne Crabtree does as she tells all in her new book ‘Oh no! Not you again!’ Witness a roller-coaster of emotions as she tells of her life with her son Pete.
Down’s syndrome is often a hushed up affair. No parent wants to announce that they’re living a nightmare or they sometimes wish this wasn’t their life. Crabtree however, broke this silence with her best-seller ‘For Pete’s Sake!’ and now she is all set to do it again with the sequel.
Not that her life with Pete has been a nightmare. Not at all. Testing, emotional, and hard work but also funny, loving and highly memorable. Her new release sees Pete tackle adult life through his twenties, and swinging they certainly are! Pete settles into sheltered accommodation, introduces his mum to various girlfriends and starts a number of new jobs.
The reader yet again goes on a journey with both Yvonne and Pete and is fully invited into the emotional experience. You will be laughing, crying and fully engrossed right up to the last page. Crabtree provides a unique insight into the life of both Pete and herself as the family copes with the effects of Down’s Syndrome. A once not talked about subject is thrust upon you and opens your eyes to the fact that above anything else Pete is a person just like you or me.
Yvonne Crabtree, author says: “Despite Pete’s various problems, he has good language and an excellent sense of humour and I’ve always had a wealth of stories and anecdotes to relate about him over the years. I was eventually persuaded to write them all down and in doing so hoped to raise a bit of cash for the home where Pete lives, as well as awareness of what life can be like for the families of people with Down’s Syndrome. Life with Pete is a bit like doing a complicated jigsaw whilst wearing a blindfold – he didn’t come with an instruction booklet, so we find ourselves groping our way along, trying to help him as best we can. We may not always succeed but one thing is for sure – life is never dull!”
Like Pete, one in every 800 babies will be diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Also called Trisomy 21, the condition is caused by extra genetic material which delays the way a child develops, both mentally and physically. The disorder received its name from John Langdon Down, the doctor who first identified it.
A child is typically born with 46 chromosomes. A child who has Down’s syndrome however, has 47, in 95% of cases obtaining an extra 21st chromosome. This is not hereditary or due to anything during pregnancy but simply a less common genetic sequence that could occur within anyone.
On average people with Down’s Syndrome live into their 50’s and 60’s and whilst life may be a little bit harder, they enter employment, have loving relationships and are guaranteed to drive their parents crazy, just like Pete!
Not only is Crabtree’s book a delightful read but the prequel raised over £2000 for John Gaffney Care Home and the profit raised from the sale this book will all go to be held in trust for the sole use of the residents of The John Gaffney Home in Bradford, which is a specialist residential home for people with a range of disabilities.
Published by Petan Publishing and costing just £7.99, ‘Oh no! Not you again!’ can be purchased directly from Petan Publishing on-line at www.petanpublishing.co.uk.

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