Leaping salmon

Last Saturday, it was such a lovely day, my partner and me decided to spend the whole day up in the Yorkshire Dales. Ann had a relative who used to be the local butcher at Austwick. She remembered it from her childhood, but since he died when she was young, she had not been back.

After a lovely lunch at the Country Store, we went to have a look around Austwick. It’s a lovely village and after a drink in the local pub and a chat with the landlord about the village, we went to see the old butchers shop. Alas it no longer exists, having been converted to a family home. At least the old shop window is still there, but it’s now a bay window.

Continuing on our way after a gentle stroll around, we found ourselves close to Stainforth village. I took Ann down to see the pack horse bridge and the Force. Seeing quite a few people there, we hurried down and we were just in time to see the last of the salmon making there attempts to jump the falls. It was absolutely amazing to see these salmon jumping after their long journey up the River Ribble from its mouth near Preston. We saw many attempts, but only one successful leap over the second and third falls. The first is by far the highest, but there is a better run up to it.

Unfortunately, neither of us had a camera, but I came across some picture on another site, see Bird Forum in the Blogroll for some great pictures of salmon leaping. Search under River Ribble salmon leaping.

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  1. Lindsey Smith says:

    I live in Austwick am writing an oral history of the village and found on your blog that your partner had a relative who was the butcher in Austwick. I assume that it was Mr Robinson. I would be very interested in contacting her.

  2. Peter Cooke says:

    We would be pleased to hear from you at any time .

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