How to get superb quality Venetian Murano beads without breaking the bank.

Giacomo Bellini Jewellery

The Boutique Jewellery Company in conjunction with Peter Cooke are pleased to announce the launch of Giacomo Bellini Jewellery, bringing an exclusive range of Venetian Murano Bead jewellery to this website at great prices.

These necklaces have been produced using the finest genuine Venetian Murano beads, semi-precious stones, pearls and other quality materials. The wonderful designs produced by Sandy Kidd are exclusive to Giacomo Bellini Jewellery and cannot be found anywhere else on the web.

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Who is the Giacomo Bellini behind this superb rang of jewellery?

Giacomo Bellini – Giam as he is known, is the hero of the Glassmaker Series, by Peter Cooke. A Venetian glassmaker, who in 1570, comes to England and through a series of adventures, becomes embroiled in helping Sir Francis Walsingham defeat the plots that threaten the life of Queen Elizabeth I. In the latest book, Blood-Red Goblet, Giam takes on a new type of glassmaking when he introduces Venetian Murano bead jewellery to London and Paris.

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