The latest on e Books

As you may have noticed on the landing page, The Glass Dagger is now available as an e Book on Amazon Kindle HERE. I have priced it competitively at around £4.00, subject to fluctuations in the US dollar.  The other two books in the Glassmaker series, The Crystal Ship and Blood-Red Goblet,will be available, all […] Read more »

Press release June 2010

PUTTING THE STORY BACK INTO STATELY HISTORY One of Yorkshire’s greatest mansions, Burton Agnes Hall, has enlisted Yorkshire romance and historical fiction author, Peter Cooke, to put the life back into history during a sizzling summer of stately events. Burton Agnes Hall in Driffield is an Elizabethan marvel. Now home to the Cunliffe-Lister family they […] Read more »

For Pete’s Sake

I was very pleased a couple of days ago to hand over the completed books for Yvonne Crabtree’s For Pete’s Sake. Her story of life with her son who has Downe’s Syndrome makes a fascinating read. All credit to Yvonne who has found time amongst all the other things she does to tell the story […] Read more »

Debut book for Yorkshire author.

We are pleased to announce that Petan Publishing will be handling Yvonne Crabtree’s debut novel ‘For Pete’s Sake’. This is Yvonne’s account of living with Peter her son, who suffers from Downes syndrome. The book is drawn from the many anecdotes sent in to Yvonne by friends and family as well as stories from her […] Read more »

The curse!

I don’t consider myself to be unduly superstitious; apart from spilt salt over a shoulder and not walking under ladders, that is. However, recent events with a book I have just published have caused me to raise an eyebrow, or two (I’m no Spock though!). The book was originally published with a title that referred […] Read more »

Latest news

I’m delighted to say that Petan Publishing is launching the novel Riding the Wheel in Early August. This is the revised first book of Roz Colyer’s Trilogy, Closed Circuits, Cluttered Minds. The second book Wheels and Circles was published December 2006. The final book of the Trilogy, Full Circle, is planned for publication in September […] Read more »