The Crystal Ship

Phew, at long last the second adventure of the Glassmaker Series is in print.  The Crystal Ship was launched on 15th September and sales are going quite briskly.   Many of the people who bought The Glass Dagger have fortunately liked wthe book and have been pestering for the second. The format is similar except in […] Read more »

The Glass Dagger: update

As I promised, here is the latest news on my submission to Literary Intelligence.  The critique was carried out by Martyn Bedford, award winning author of The Houdini Girl, among others.  He has been a teaching fellow in creative writing at the University of Leeds since January 2008.  I must admit that I had very […] Read more »

The Glass Dagger: latest news

One of the things an author values above all, at least this one anyway, is feedback. I have been very flattered by some of the enthusiastic responses I have received. I’m delighted that most people seem to like the book and I am regularly getting queries asking when book two will be available. See January […] Read more »

The Crystal Ship

At long last, I have finished the draft of the above.  Now comes the hard work.  Since my dose of lurgy over Christmas and the New Year, it has been difficult to concentrate on anything.   That and other problems have limited the time I’ve been able to work. I have decided I will not self-publish […] Read more »

The Glassmaker Series

Book One – The Glass Dagger, Published August 2007; Reprinted November 2007. Synopsis When Giam Bellini, rising star of Murano glassmaking falls in love with Lady Maria Morisini, it lights the fuse of an explosive tale of betrayal and intigue. This encompasses the corrupt sixteenth century world of Venatian politics and the court of Queen […] Read more »