I’m back!

Sorry the site has been down for some weeks.  There was a problem with the domain which I was unable to sort out before my wife and I went on holiday to Tanzania.   Have some great pictures to show you..  More on that later. Read more »

The Elizabethan Era – An A to Z – C is for Cecil

Peter Cooke – Author C is for CECIL. During the Elizabethan era, William Cecil, became the most important courtier of his age. He was born at Bourne in Lincolnshire, his grandfather’s house, on September 18th 1520. His family background gave no indication of the heights to which William would attain. His grandfather had been of […] Read more »

The Elizabethan Era – An A to Z

Peter Cooke – Author K is for: KISSING The Elizabethans had a more robust approach to kissing as a greeting. Perhaps the best viewpoint on kissing comes from the recorded observations of various foreign(alien) visitors. On visiting a citizen’s house for a social visit, or even on business, any man would be welcomed by the […] Read more »

Rember, remember the fifth of November.

Since I was a small boy, this rhyme has always been with me.  However, in these enlightened? days it seems strange that so many bonfires and firework displays are taking place on days other than the 5th.  It seems to me that like Christmas, yes, Christmas, not winter holiday! – commercial interests are now paramount […] Read more »

When holidays don’t set you up for the winter!

Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  The above title may give you a clue, but if not let me explain.  It wasn’t the weather that was a problem.  For the two weeks we were in Menorca, the weather was superb.  Except for the middle Sunday that is.  We were trapped for almost […] Read more »

Result from the Readers Survey

First of all I would like to thank all of those readers who took part in the survey both in social media and by personal contact.  Whilst the numbers were somewhat smaller than I’d hoped, there was a clear trend in the returns.  By almost 3 to 1, the vote was in favour of starting […] Read more »

The book programme BCB Radio

At the recent book launch for Blood-Red goblet, Janet Davis of BCB Radio invited me to be a guest on her Book programme.  I was delighted to accept as Janet has invited me to feature both of my previous books The Glass Dagger and The Crystal Ship.  We had quite a lively discussion and you […] Read more »

Reader Survey

Now that I have published the third adventure of the Glassmaker Series, Blood-Red Goblet, I am faced with a dilemma.  The books so far have been largely spy adventures with a little sea action in all of the books.  A Shattered Crystal. the fourth adventure is a somewhat different book, in as much as it […] Read more »