Blood-Red Goblet update

As I suspected in January, it has proved impossible to have the book finished in time for the London Book Fair.  I have made very good progress writing the first draft and I now hope to have the finished manuscript ready for July.  It has been extremely difficult to keep the history as accurate as possible whilst making it a fast-paced read.  The events leading up to the trial of Mary Stuart are very complex and it has been necessary to simplify some sections without compromising the true facts.

My aim is, as always, to achieve an interesting look at the characters behind the bare facts of historic events, without either changing or compromising the true picture.  Fiction it may be, but it is as near to the real events as I can make it.  It is very easy to apply 21st century morals to events in the 16th century, without realising that in doing so, it affects the way you portray your historical characters.  Also if you alter the way that events occur to make a better story, it is important, in my view, to acknowledge the changes you have made.  Otherwise, there is a risk that people, not knowing the true story will believe the fictional one.

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