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First of all, my apologies to those people who were expecting Blood-Red Goblet to be published by now.   The last couple of months have been very difficult, both from a personal and a business level.  I won’t bore you with the personal problems, but the delay in publishing is for several reasons.  Firstly, I was not happy with the second draft of the book and called in my friend, fellow author and creative writing coach Roz Colyer, to help.  The bruises on my ego are healing now, but the re-writing she recommended is taking considerable time.  Due to the economy, I had a further blow when my publicist decided to close, leaving me high and dry with publicity and having to start marketing from scratch.

Starting with a new company, has necessitated a change of plan and timescale  We now hope to launch the book in Late February, early March.  The rewrites are in the final stage and I hope to have the final manuscript ready for printing before Christmas.  That’s a lot of hope, but it is the season for it!  I will keep you posted on what happens.

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