Annus terribilis becomes annus mirabilis

2009 started very badly, in fact definitely terribilis.  My mother Kathleen, a very sprightly ninety-two year old, had a massive stroke.  My partner Ann, was ill and undergoing test after test and I had a nasty virus infection that required two courses of antibiotics to sort out.  My mother died in March and as the weeks went on, I was ill again and we had still no reason for Ann’s condition.  At least we had ruled out a lot of nasties and of course we consoled ourselves with the thought that there were huge numbers of people worse off and we were still together.

It wasn’t until July that things began to improve and teribils turned to mirabilis.  Ann and I decided to get married and we at last received a diagnosis for Ann and treatment began to take effect.  The wedding will be in October in Wharefedale.

Further good news this month.   The new website for Petan Publishing that had been completely stalled since the beginning of the year, suddenly came to fruition and is now launched.  So, mirabilis it is and watch this space..

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