Amber Mills Revolution – The Shaw Years

Here is an idea of what Amber Mills is all about. It’s a family saga set in the Regency and Victorian eras

From humble beginnings, the Shaw family become caught up in the exciting free-for-all of their own Revolution as the steadfast Obadiah and Mary his wife, lay the foundations of the Shaw dynasty. At the forefront of innovation and change, both in working practices and family life, they build up Amber Mills into a thriving community, despite many problems, including the Luddite bullies who threatened the machines and their lives.

The Industrial Revolution in the cotton spinning industry was in its infancy. Entrepreneurs like Obadiah Shaw and Jedediah Strutt followed the example of Richard Arkwright building mills and houses for the workers. The East Midlands became the cradle of the new factories. It was a time when mechanically minded individuals turned their inventive minds on the task of designing machines that could knit hosiery, weave cloth and spin the ever increasing amounts of cotton yarn needed by the ravenous maws of the new factories. Their vision of a new age changed the face of Britain forever.

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