Peter in conversation with readers at the Book Launch party for Blood-Red Goblet.

Born in Belper, Derbyshire 24th November, 1936 and educated at the local grammar school. At various times, I have been a Laboratory Manager, Dyehouse Manager, Chief Colourist, General Manager, Group Operations Manager, Teacher, Lecturer, Pensions Officer, Retired. Writer, Author and Publisher.

I married my partner on 30th October, 2009.  I have one son, born 1977 and have inherited a large family from my new wife.

Hobbies: Cricket(playing), Football(watching Man. United), History (especially 16th Century), Collecting glass, painting and writing. (but not necessarily in that order)

How do I occupy my time? Apart from writing and publishing books that is. Well, I’m a practising Christian, which to me means I am very much involved in church matters in Baildon where I have lived for over thirty years. I’m a Deputy Churchwarden and former C of E school governor. We have done a very unfashionable thing in the Church of England, we’ve built a church, not closing it. St.James is a 100 year old sectional wooden church, originally erected in Great Warley in Essex and transported to Yorkshire on a traction engine.

The church has been carefully taken apart, moved to a new site thirty yards away and rebuilt. The remaining land was  sold for housing and the money used to rebuild the church and a new meeting room with kitchens and toilets etc.  The church is now finished and is fantastic.  It is being used by a large number of people each week as we have develop it as a multi-purpose community church.

The recent launch party for my latest novel Blood-Red Goblet was held in the church main hall and was a great success.  See the photos at the post Book Lunch Party