A birthday treat

It was my wifes birthday recently and as usual there was the hiatus of what to buy her.  Although we have only been married for a short time, I know from experience that whist she likes surprises, it is wise to check about something as important as a birthday.  Imagine my surprise, when having turned down several suggestions, Ann decided that what she really wanted was a new cooker!  OK that threw me for a while, but I decided that the surprise would have to be to go somewhere special on the day.   In the end, I chose the Timble Inn, in the lovely little village of Timble near Otley, in North Yorkshire.  Paul and Marie have done a splendid job of refurbishing the old inn.  We stayed for dinner, bed and breakfast and we had a fabulous stay.  The food was excellent and the decor and comfort of the bedrooms were absolutely luxurious.  We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

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