The book programme BCB Radio

At the recent book launch for Blood-Red goblet, Janet Davis of BCB Radio invited me to be a guest on her Book programme.  I was delighted to accept as Janet has invited me to feature both of my previous books The Glass Dagger and The Crystal Ship.  We had quite a lively discussion and you […] Read more »

Reader Survey

Now that I have published the third adventure of the Glassmaker Series, Blood-Red Goblet, I am faced with a dilemma.  The books so far have been largely spy adventures with a little sea action in all of the books.  A Shattered Crystal. the fourth adventure is a somewhat different book, in as much as it […] Read more »

A to Z of Elizabethan times

H is for Houses London houses were seldom made from stone, except the few grand houses belonging to wealthy individuals who had acquired the stone from, or converted one of the former monasteries. There was no natural source of stone in and around London, but there was its clay, that made excellent bricks, on-site, with […] Read more »