A to Z of Elizabethan Times

F is for Fashion There were two places where the latest fashions for both men and women could be seen, Elizabeth’s court and the sermons at St Paul’s Cross. The court was an amazing sight, where courtiers vied with each other to show off the latest fashion. The clothes and jewellery were sumptuous and highly […] Read more »

Giacomo Bellini Jewellery & Blood-Red Goblet

The Blood-Red Goblet, the exciting new third adventure in the Glassmaker Series,  to be launched on 2nd April 201, contains a number of very special necklace designs.  These have been incorporated into the Boutique Jewellery website. To see the available range of necklaces and other designs  visit the GIACOMO BELLINI JEWELLERY WEBSITE and have a […] Read more »

Blood-Red Goblet Special offers

Prior to the launch on the 2nd April 2011 at St. James Church, Otley Road, Baildon, Shipley, West Yorkshire from 12 noon to 2pm. you can still take advantage of the special launch day offers in the invite post by going to the Petan Publishing website at http:/www.petanpublishing.co.uk Read more »

A – Z of Elizabethan Times

E is for: Elizabeth I When Elizabeth followed her half-sister Mary Tudor as Queen, the whole country rejoiced. They longed for peace and religious tolerance. Under Mary, a devout Catholic, over 300 people were burned at the stake for holding heretic views. The beautiful Princess Elizabeth was 25 when she came to the throne and […] Read more »

Your invite to the book launch party

BLOOD-RED GOBLET The third adventure in the Glassmaker Series by PETER COOKE St. James Church, Otley Road, Baildon, Shipley. West Yorkshire on Saturday, 2nd April, 2011,12 noon-2pm. Refreshments and drinks will be served and there will be a display of Authentic Murano Bead Jewellery by Sandy Kidd, as featured in Blood-Red Goblet. DON’T MISS THESE […] Read more »