The Elizabethan Era – An A to Z

Peter Cooke-Author B is for BABINGTON PLOT The Elizabethan era saw many plots against Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Anthony Babington, who originated from Dethic in Derbyshire, was a leading English conspirator of a plot to assassinate Elizabeth and put the former Scottish Queen, Mary Stuart on the throne of England, thus re-establishing the Catholic faith.  […] Read more »

The Elizabethan Era – An A To Z

Peter Cooke – Author A is for: ARMADA The invincible armada sent in 1588 by Philip II of Spain was a defining moment in the Elizabethan era.  His intention was to overthrow Elizabeth I of England, to stop English involvement in the Spanish Netherlands and English privateering in the Atlantic and Pacific.  It wasa also […] Read more »

Press release June 2010

PUTTING THE STORY BACK INTO STATELY HISTORY One of Yorkshire’s greatest mansions, Burton Agnes Hall, has enlisted Yorkshire romance and historical fiction author, Peter Cooke, to put the life back into history during a sizzling summer of stately events. Burton Agnes Hall in Driffield is an Elizabethan marvel. Now home to the Cunliffe-Lister family they […] Read more »