Blood-Red Goblet – latest news

First of all, my apologies to those people who were expecting Blood-Red Goblet to be published by now.   The last couple of months have been very difficult, both from a personal and a business level.  I won’t bore you with the personal problems, but the delay in publishing is for several reasons.  Firstly, I was […] Read more »

Back to reality!

Have been visiting some friends in Menorca and only got back last night.  This was my first visit to Menorca and I was really taken by the island.  Of course, the lovely weather helped a lot, but the island at this time of year is a lovely temperature for me as I don’t really do […] Read more »

Where did all the berries go?

A few days ago,the branches of our Rowan tree were laden down with berries and as they slowly ripened to a deep red, the bush looked glorious. This morning, we looked out of the window to find that there was not a single berry left on the bush. Neither my wife, nor I, had ever […] Read more »


D is for DANCING Elizabeth loved to dance and it was an essential part of any entertainment at court. She particularly loved the faster dances, the coranto, the galliard or particularly the lavolta, where the young men took off their cloaks and rapiers and danced in their doublets. Leaping, running and lifting their partners high […] Read more »

How to get superb quality Venetian Murano beads without breaking the bank.

Giacomo Bellini Jewellery The Boutique Jewellery Company in conjunction with Peter Cooke are pleased to announce the launch of Giacomo Bellini Jewellery, bringing an exclusive range of Venetian Murano Bead jewellery to this website at great prices. These necklaces have been produced using the finest genuine Venetian Murano beads, semi-precious stones, pearls and other quality materials. […] Read more »

A to Z of Elizabethan Times

C is for CECIL. Sir William Cecil, later Ist. Baron Burghley, was Princess Elizabeth’s adviser and helped to steer her through the fraught years when it seemed impossible she would survive. When Elizabeth became Queen, Cecil was appointed Secretary of State. Elizabeth, who had a penchant for giving nicknames to her advisers and members of […] Read more »

A birthday treat

It was my wifes birthday recently and as usual there was the hiatus of what to buy her.  Although we have only been married for a short time, I know from experience that whist she likes surprises, it is wise to check about something as important as a birthday.  Imagine my surprise, when having turned […] Read more »

The Elizabethan Era – An A to Z

Peter Cooke-Author B is for BABINGTON PLOT The Elizabethan era saw many plots against Queen Elizabeth I. Sir Anthony Babington, who originated from Dethic in Derbyshire, was a leading English conspirator of a plot to assassinate Elizabeth and put the former Scottish Queen, Mary Stuart on the throne of England, thus re-establishing the Catholic faith.  […] Read more »

The Elizabethan Era – An A To Z

Peter Cooke – Author A is for: ARMADA The invincible armada sent in 1588 by Philip II of Spain was a defining moment in the Elizabethan era.  His intention was to overthrow Elizabeth I of England, to stop English involvement in the Spanish Netherlands and English privateering in the Atlantic and Pacific.  It wasa also […] Read more »