Keeping fit

If there’s one way of not getting too much exercise, it’s sitting at a computer writing. In the last five months in particular, I’ve spent a great deal of time doing just that. My second novel has been causing difficulties as I am weaving fictional characters into actual historical events. Finally about five weeks ago […] Read more »

A trip to Cardiff Bay

Last Thursday was my sister-in-law’s 60th birthday. John, her husband, had arranged a surprise party for her and managed to break precedent by keeping something from her for the first time in 30 years! My partner Ann had not been to Cardiff before, so on Saturday we set off to remedy the situation. Wales were […] Read more »

Debut book for Yorkshire author.

We are pleased to announce that Petan Publishing will be handling Yvonne Crabtree’s debut novel ‘For Pete’s Sake’. This is Yvonne’s account of living with Peter her son, who suffers from Downes syndrome. The book is drawn from the many anecdotes sent in to Yvonne by friends and family as well as stories from her […] Read more »

Hiring a gardener!

You’d think it would be quite an easy task to get someone to do a bit of gardening. Not a bit of it. I looked in yellow pages and made a list, easy I thought. A dozen phone calls later and a lot a wasted time waiting for people who never turned up, or didn’t […] Read more »

The curse!

I don’t consider myself to be unduly superstitious; apart from spilt salt over a shoulder and not walking under ladders, that is. However, recent events with a book I have just published have caused me to raise an eyebrow, or two (I’m no Spock though!). The book was originally published with a title that referred […] Read more »