Why did I self-publish my book?

I was asked the above question quite recently by a new reader. She was quite complimentary about the book, but couldn’t understand why I didn’t get a mainstream publisher. The simple answer is that none of the mainstream publishers I tried showed any interest. They also took a very long time to reply. About this […] Read more »

Latest news

I’m delighted to say that Petan Publishing is launching the novel Riding the Wheel in Early August. This is the revised first book of Roz Colyer’s Trilogy, Closed Circuits, Cluttered Minds. The second book Wheels and Circles was published December 2006. The final book of the Trilogy, Full Circle, is planned for publication in September […] Read more »

The Glassmaker Series

Book One – The Glass Dagger, Published August 2007; Reprinted November 2007. Synopsis When Giam Bellini, rising star of Murano glassmaking falls in love with Lady Maria Morisini, it lights the fuse of an explosive tale of betrayal and intigue. This encompasses the corrupt sixteenth century world of Venatian politics and the court of Queen […] Read more »

Record galley trip from Cyprus

In my “Smell of toast” post, I mentioned I was doing some research on galley journey times from Venice to Cyprus and vice versa. I discovered that the regular journey time for a war galley was eighteen days. On the 7th October 1571 at the Battle of Lepanto, the Christian Alliance fleet defeated the Ottoman […] Read more »

The smell of toast

It’s quite amazing how the smell of toasting bread can rouse you from even the deepest slumber. At least that’s my experience. I tried snuggling down under the quilt, but no use, that smell lured me downstairs to another day. Now after a quick shower and the inevitable toast, I’m back at work on my […] Read more »

Hello world!

It’s quite scary to think that this my first weblog might be read by more than one person. I say might, since until now, I have not posted , or modified the blog at all, nor have I publicised the site in any way. Chances are, it will just be another piece of flotsam floating […] Read more »