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Books in the Glassmaker Series:

The Glass Dagger

The Glass Dagger

The first adventure of the Glassmaker Series

Giam Bellini, rising star of Murano glassmaking, falls in love and lights the fuse of an explosive tale of betrayal and intrigue encompassing the corrupt world of Venetian and English politics.  Recruited by Sir William Cecil, Giam begins a desperate race to thwart the Maldini plotters and rescue his love, Maria, from the clutches of the Venetian envoy, his arch-rival and betrayer, Adrian Ragazoni.

  1. The Crystal Ship

    The Crystal Ship

    The second adventure of the Glassmaker Series.

    Giam joins Admiral john Hawkins in a battle against Catholic plotters led by Count Ridolfi.  Drawing on all their resources of boldness, courage and cunning, they carry through an audacious plan to free Hawkins’s men from the dreaded Inquisition and defeat the plotters.  Through intrigue, gun smoke and blood warfare, they battle with the plotters.

  1. Blood Red Goblet

    Blood-Red Goblet – NEW

    The third adventure of the Glassmaker Series.

    This new thrilling adventure proves to be the most perilous Giam has undertaken as a secret agent for Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth I’s spy-master.  Forced to undertake a seemingly impossible task to free Mary Stuart, Giam takes a desperate gamble to save his kidnapped family that leads to a violent struggle, as the book reaches its climax.

What people have said about the Glassmaker Series:

“Glassmaker Jacob Bell is a Venetian, living in England. Yet he is much more than that – for he is also a spy, working on behalf of Sir Francis Walsingham. It is a dangerous time – Elizabeth I is constantly under threat from Catholics keen to put her Catholic cousin – Mary Queen of Scots on the throne. Having fled Scotland, Mary is now under close confinement in England posing a major headache for Elizabeth and her advisors. Jacob is recruited by Henri, Duke of Guise, as part of a convoluted plot designed to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, free Mary Queen of Scots making her queen of England and ensuring French control of Europe.  Further confusion is added when Jacob’s wife and son are kidnapped.  I found it a fascinating mystery story, especially with the insights given into the glassmakers skills.  As long as Peter Cooke can keep his passion for historical detail under control, this could be an extremely good series.”

Angela Youngman

“A fascinating, original historical context… the insight into the world of glassmaking is interesting… the backdrop of the story’s setting –Venice and London – and the times will also be a key part of its appeal to readers.”

Martyn Bedford, award-winning novelist and Lecturer in Creative Writing.

“Well developed characters, crisp dialogue and a plot that races along…detailed research brings Venice and London of the sixteenth century alive…an excellent début novel”.

Hilary Armitage, writer, Peoples Friend Magazine.

“An interesting read, not only for the knowledge, but also as a historical story…of love, jealousy and betrayal…Mr. Cooke is to be congratulated”.

Yorkshire Ridings Magazine

On Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic book – a gripping story with its many twist and turns, 14 Jun 2011

By Louise Breen

This review is from: The Glass Dagger 3rd Edition (First adventure of the Glassmaker Series) (Paperback)

“The story takes you back in time to beautiful Venice and sets out the rules that applied to life and glass making in the 1550’s & 1560’s.

I quickly came to like the central characters of Giam Bellini and lady Maria Morisini. The enemy of the two Adrian Ragazoni gives plenty of twists and turns to Giam and Maria falling in love and being together and to the success of Giam as a glassmaker. Indeed as a result of the evil plotting of Ragazoni the tale turns and takes Giam to London with a new name and a new life thanks to loyal friends and connections but alas without Maria.

Once again the life of London at this time is richly brought to life and Giam strives once again to have success in glassmaking as a partner of the Crouched Friars Glass-works. His partner and friend Jean Thieré is assassinated in the course of their quest to become glassmaker to Queen Elizabeth. This turns Giam’s attentions to thwart the plot against Queen Elizabeth’s life and to rescue Maria from Ragazoni.

I have really enjoyed the book. The history, the characters, the romance and devious plots and counter turns. I am really looking forward to reading the next part of Giam’s life in the next book The Crystal Ship.”